Arlex Chemi Pvt Ltd

Arlex Chemi Pvt. Ltd. has been a renowned name in the ever flourishing Indian Dye Industry. Over the years it has established its roots as one of the strongest players in the field of dyes production.

Arlex is a motivated company that offers a range of industrial dyes for textile and cosmetic industry. The company manufactures wide range of VAT dyes for textile industry. It includes VAT Crude Dry Powder (C.D.P.), VAT Microdisperse Powder, VAT Powderfine Dyes, VAT Paste, Solublised VAT Dyes (Indigosols).

Amongst our highest selling products is VAT Red 1. Arlex Chemi is India’s largest producer of this dye and meets all the requirements of D&C Red 30. Intensive Research & Development of the products led to the formulation of a variant of VAT Red 1 which is largely used in the manufacture of cosmetics.

The company is ISO 9001: 2008 certified and it proudly boasts of exports to countries like US, Brazil, Germany, France, Indonesia, Japan and other European countries.
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