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Arlex Chemi Plant

Arlex (ARL) entered the flourishing and established Indian dye industry with an incredible sixty year background. Today, under the visionary guidance of Prakash Khatiwala and inspiring leadership of Vinod Paharia, the company has acquired new dynamism; our highly skilled & dedicated professionals reflect this spirit. ARL products are subject to and comply with various industry regulations & standards and the production facility near Mumbai is ISO 9001:2008 certified.

The company’s success story is based on sincerity of purpose and total self reliance. The driving force behind the tremendous growth and pioneering track record of Arlex is our commitment towards sincerity of purpose and total self reliance.

Arlex with a totally national framework now has an international reach; and boasts of exports to countries like the US, Japan, Indonesia, UK, Spain, Germany and other European nations. ARL products and the infrastructure at the production facility at Tarapur near Mumbai comply with various industry regulations & standards. The 60,000 sq.ft, state-of-the-art plant is well equipped with laboratory and sound professionals to maintain the optimum quality standards. At the same time we are constantly innovating and venturing into new products.

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